“Llik your idols is an intimate survey of a VERY particular time in downtown NYC – the mid 1980s – when the fallout of a decrepit city manifested itself through the psyches of young and wild artists, musicians and filmmakers banging into each other in the scum drenched streets.

Sex, drugs, violence and rock’n'roll took it’s final leap out the window before the clean up crew came to town. They were good times, lovely times and this documentary brings it back in all it’s cheap rent psychosis.”
by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)


Festivals and screenings 2007 / 2009
  • Palais de Tokyo, Paris
  • Mu-Meson Archives, Sydney
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival
  • Seoul Film Festival
  • Erotica Film Fest, Los Angeles
  • Emmetrop Festival, Bourges
  • Oslo International Film Festival
  • Coney Island Film Festival
  • Melbourne Underground Film Festival
  • The Other Cinema, San Francisco
  • Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
  • AS 220, Providence
  • Seattle Grand Illusion Cinema
  • Etrange Festival in Strasbourg
  • Porn Film Fest in Berlin on october 27th
  • Festival Dei Popoli
  • TIE
  • Gijon International Film Festival

And others…