Pretty en Rose

Pretty en Rose

Once upon a time, there was a lingerie designer. She had blonde hair and pink clothes. Still unkown to the general public, she is – to those who have been introduced to her 1950s style world, so feminine and colorful – an idealized image of the ravishing and sophisticated Parisian woman. « Pretty en Rose » washes the varnish out, takes a look under the ribbons and the frou-frous, to reveal a complex and disconcerting character.

As a free electron in the world of fashion, as a photographer, a singer, a mother, she has established herself, looking unassuming, from the Palace up to Rue Saint Honoré, always perched on her high heels.

Well, you know how it is : she lived intensely ever after…

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The Advocate for Fagdom

The Advocate for Fagdom At turns, a transgressive artist in the purest sense of the term, the spiritual son of Kenneth Anger and John Waters, or leader of the Queercore movement, one thing is certain : Bruce LaBruce makes small budget movies full of hardcore sex, political messages and containing as much violence as tenderness, in which he happily crushes any gay attitude clichés while practicing ironic self glorification, mocks any horror movie or dramatic set ups, and avoids all fashionable art trends. Bruce maddens, irritates, enchants, charms, fascinates and mostly keep the LaBruce mystery very much alive.
The Advocate for Fagdom unites the puzzle pieces one by one. Testimonies are combined with rare archive images. Writers, film makers, art galery owners, actors and actresses, photographers, producers, friends and loved ones all join in a game of interpretation, analysis or simple anecdotes. John Waters, Bruce Benderson, Harmony Korine, Gus Van Sant, Richard Kern, Rick Castro and others deliver their impressions, theories and confessions. Everything blends into the fascinating portrait of a singular person blessed with singular talents. A complex personality at war not with a system but all systems. The portrait of a man constantly moving between his punk attitude and extreme sensibility.

By Frédéric Thibaut, program maker of the Festival Extrême Cinéma

Llik Your Idols

“Llik your idols is an intimate survey of a VERY particular time in downtown NYC – the mid 1980s – when the fallout of a decrepit city manifested itself through the psyches of young and wild artists, musicians and filmmakers banging into each other in the scum drenched streets.

Sex, drugs, violence and rock’n'roll took it’s final leap out the window before the clean up crew came to town. They were good times, lovely times and this documentary brings it back in all it’s cheap rent psychosis.”
by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

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